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Inside Aesthetics (IA) was founded by Dr Jake Sloane  & David Segal in 2019. Fed up with the hype and misinformation on social media about their industry, they started podcasting to share their experiences and to showcase expert guest insights. 


Each episode explores aesthetic topics, injectable-related content and insider business knowledge. With a bit of tinkering of our content over 5 years, IA has become the world's most listened to aesthetics podcast with over 1.5 million listens in over 100 countries. (Statistics from Apple Podcasts and Spotify, December 2023)


IA has become a vital source of information for injectors and the industry globally.  So whether you're an injector, a clinic owner, selling aesthetic products, devices or are just an interested observer, IA has you covered. 

In addition to the podcast, IA now produces extra educational content through  Patreon & periodic IA Webinars.


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Patreon is an app that allows creators like us to offer on demand content in addition to our podcasts. We post injectable clips and education, business coaching videos and much more!

Join our Patreon and you'll also be able to network with hundreds
of other injectors worldwide in our private IA WhatsApp groups.

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IA Webinars

Join our periodic IA Webinars (live Zoom sessions) where we host guest experts to deliver powerpoint-style lectures 


IA Webinars
Dr Jake Sloane

Dr Jake Sloane

Dr Jake worked as a general surgeon for a decade before dedicating his time to facial aesthetics. He’s established himself as one of Australia’s leading cosmetic doctors and has over 15 years of experience. 


He is a Key Opinion Leader for Allergan Aesthetics and is part of their ANZ Advisory Board. Having been identified as an outstanding injector, he was mentored by Dr Mauricio De Maio from 2020-2022.


In 2023 Allergan selected Dr Jake for their 'RISE' Project. Here ten faculty in the Asia-Pacific region will collaborate to help deliver education to injectors regionally.


Dr Jake is also as a national trainer for Profhilo (bio-remodelling filler), Rejuran (marine-derived polynucleotides) and is one of very few injectors in Australia who incorporates aesthetic ultrasound into his practice. 

David Segal

David Segal

David has been involved in the aesthetics  industry since 2007. His first foray in the industry was to set up and run  the hugely successful Cosmos clinic, now an institution for liposuction and the BBL treatment.


David then co-founded another of Australia’s  largest and fastest-growing cosmetic surgery clinics before turning his attention to the non-surgical world. From 2008-2022 he  owned four hugely successful injectable and laser clinics in both Sydney & Canberra, employing more than 70 therapists and injectors.

Whilst non-medically trained, David is  fiercely passionate about the aesthetics and its ever expanding  intersection with wellness. He authored “Skin - The Essential  Australian Guide”, published by Fairfax  Media.

David is also an internationally-recognised Bonsai tree artist and his work is often showcased at Australian as well as global exhibitions.

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