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AHPRA have proposed new cosmetic guidelines that come into effect on July 1st 2023. These changes will have a huge impact on how  surgeons and non-surgical practitioners practice, how patients can access treatments, how practitioners run their businesses, how the industry communicates with patients and how we are allowed to use social media.

Why is Inside Aesthetics involved?

Inside Aesthetics has become a trusted platform and voice for our industry.  With our reach, we have decided to give our Australian listeners the opportunity to comment on the new AHPRA Guidelines. 


We all want to have an industry that best serves our patients and that has patient safety as its very core. Having spoken to numerous key stake holders and leaders, many do not feel that the proposed guidelines help patients understand cosmetic treatments and nor do they improve patient safety. 


There is a secondary and significant impact on individual cosmetic practitioners and aesthetic businesses due to the severe constraints of the regulations. They feel that the new regulations are not in line with how other medical specialities are governed. Some parties believe the new rules have not been thought through in terms of how the changes are implemented practically and there will be a significant and negative impact on how practitioners work and interact with their patients. 

How can you help change the 
proposed AHPRA guidelines? 

We would like to collect as many of your opinions as possible and will share these with the relevant cosmetic colleges listed below. This information can then be used by the colleges in any further discussions with AHPRA to help affect change in the proposed guidelines.

The reason we are asking for your personal information is to prove the legitimacy of our survey and so that AHPRA take our feedback seriously. We want to collaborate with the colleges as a united voice and in the future we will also help in any way we can to further promote an agreed standard of training and best practice. 

Thanks for submitting!

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