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IA Partners is our name for our official corporate partners - in essence we will promote your brand, products or services and aim to drive sales for you. ​The types of products and services that might benefit from becoming an IA Partner are endless - as long as you can help an aesthetic clinic or injectors we would love to hear from you!

The types of IA Partners we want work with are almost limitless but include:

  • Medical aesthetic supplies

  • Medical wear and clothing

  • Insurance services

  • Medicolegal services

  • Professional photography/videography

  • Digital marketing support

  • Social media services

  • Web design

  • Nutrition & supplement suppliers

  • Injecting and anatomy books/education

  • Online injectable courses

  • In person events & conferences

How it works:

  • We partner with your brand on a fixed term basis (up to 12 months with an option to re-sign for another term)

  • You offer our audience a special price or discount on your products or services

  • We'll aim to drive sales for you via our various channels

  • Our listeners will use a promotional code to track conversions (either applied in your shopping cart when paying online or quoted at the point of sale)

  • Every month we'll ask for a spreadsheet of any sales details and conversions

  • IA earns 10% of the gross billings (paid monthly)


Depending on what you are offering and what scale you want to market your product at, becoming an IA Partner can give your brand a huge boost in visibility. Our library of podcasts is listened to on average 60,000 times a month in over 100 countries. We can also advertise your brand via our Patreon community, Patreon WhatsApp chats, our eDM's to our database as well as other channels.


Our list of IA Partners is growing all the time and in 2024, we have a specific focus on growing IA Partners in Australia, USA, Canada & the UK. We are very interested in working with all sorts of IA If you're based elsewhere but can ship or service injectors in other countries, we'd also love to work with you. Whoever we partner with, our core philosophy is that we want to offer great value for our audience and whilst also helping our industry be more united.


Please complete the form below to tell us more about you, your company and your products.  We will be in touch within 7 days and will send you a media kit with more info and pricing.

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Thank you so much for interest, we'll be in touch soon!

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