Julie Horne

IA x Julie Horne Competition

What is the competition?

In partnership with our friend Julie Horne and our upcoming podcast together, we are delighted to hold our first ever IA competition! This is a totally unique opportunity for any injector looking to take their lip treatments to the next level. The prize is worth $2350!

Please note that you can apply from anywhere in the world as long as you are a registered
nurse, doctor or dentist. We will check your registration prior to announcing the winner

What is the prize?


  • A 2 hour theory webinar with Julie via Powerpoint and different injection technique videos (done with a group of other injectors)

  • This is followed by a Q&A and off label discussions where you can ask Julie any specific questions you have

  • A 75 min private and one on one virtual hands-on training using two lip models of your choice. (this will require you to have a friend to hold your phone to video call as you talk and inject with Julie guiding you) Julie will go through your preferred product choice and lip assessment on the day before treating. For the best learning, we recommend an 'easy' lip and then a difficult lip such as M-shaped lips or very thin, everted lips

  • You will receive a certificate of attendance and will also get a 10% discount voucher for Julie's live hands on training at the Swiss Aesthetic Institute in Switzerland (for when our skies open again in the future!)

  • You'll also receive 3 months virtual support direct from Julie via email afterwards for any questions you have about your training

There can only be one winner so please complete the form below and pay attention to the bonus points sections at the end!

Complete the following simple tasks below (and yes we will be checking!)

An extra bonus point be awarded to those who upload a selfie showing us where and how you enjoy listening to Inside Aesthetics!

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Thank you for applying from Dr Jake, David & Julie x