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The traditional methods of brands finding new customers include face to face engagement at conferences, advertising in medical journals and one on one meetings in clinics. Finding new leads, generating new business and growing sales has always been challenging - but post-COVID it's an especially difficult challenge.


Even with larger in person events beginning again, getting traction and establishing a genuine rapport with new customers is difficult and typically consists of a rushed chat. Your opportunity to sell or showcase your brand is very limited whilst you'll also be competing with rival companies for people’s attention. Leads generated like this are often poor quality and the ROI for your company's presence, build of a branded stand, your staffs travel and accommodation costs, customer entertainment, etc is typically very poor. Our market research suggests that the average company typically spends $25,000-80,000 to simply be present at a major Australian conference.


We see podcasts as a unique and far more authentic means of connecting with potential customers. Inside Aesthetics has established itself as a leading channel for the aesthetics industry. We're downloaded up to 15,000 times a month in addition to being streamed onto devices double that number again. Our listeners are all within the industry, highly engaged and you'll have 60-90 minutes of their attention per episode. For brands wanting to showcase their unique and pioneering products, Inside Aesthetics is the ideal platform to get your message across. 

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