who are we?

Thank you considering joining us on Inside Aesthetics (IA)! The podcast currently gets 10,000 -15,000 downloads a month and that doesn't include those who listen by streaming their podcasts! We now have a global audience in over 45 countries so you're going to have a lot of people listening when you record with us. (Our main listener groups are 62% - Australia, 19% - USA, 7.5% - UK, 3% - Canada, 2% - NZ)

Your hosts are Dr Jake Sloane & David Segal based in Sydney, Australia. We release new episodes every Friday and in 2021 we will begin to launch a number of mini-series' that will be released on Wednesdays as bonus content. Launching first will be 'The Beauty of the World', where we will explore beauty concepts & injectable trends across specific regions of the world with global key opinion leaders of the regions.


Whilst Dr Jake & David both work in the aesthetic field, the podcast explores any topic related to the mantra of 'look good, feel good'.  Since February 2019 we've released 99 unique episodes covering all sorts of topics in the aesthetic, wellness and cosmetic industry. Our sole aim is to have meaningful conversations with real experts whilst filtering out the bullshit. We aim to educate our listeners about what truly works, how to stay safe and to give experts a platform to speak freely and away from the constraints of the corporate world.

During the lockdown in 2020 we also hosted a IA webinar series that was specifically aimed at cosmetic injectors. We held 8 unique live webinars hosting key opinion leaders including Raj Acquilla, Lee Walker and Tapan Patel. The feedback from the webinar series was incredible and we hosted over 1500 injectors for these worldwide.

Below are the three main steps that we'll follow in our podcast episode with you.

1. planning for the podcast

The best podcasts have high quality audio, free-flowing conversations and go into the depth (and sometimes controversies!) of their specific topic. Planning is a vital part of how we prepare for each episode:

how we'll communicate

Mobile Phone

- We'll set up a Whatsapp group with Jake, David and our producer Mala so that we can speak easily, regardless of time zones.

- Any queries, ideas, topic questions, etc can be discussed here so that we have a reference point for planning. (If you don't have whatsapp, we can email or text.)

the topic and questions

The Wall of Ideas

- Every guest that we invite onto the podcast has a special insight into a topic. We want to showcase that to our listeners and so we'll workshop a number of ideas and questions. This will be distilled into a 'script' for the day so there shouldn't be any surprising questions

- Please also feedback in these planning stages as you are the expert and will know your topic inside out

your headshot and bio

Portrait of a Smiling Man

So that we can start planning our social media posts and add you to our website, please send us your best quality headshot and a bio about your background, training, etc (email these to: info@insideaesthetics.com)

2. recording the podcast

If you live in Sydney (or can get to Sydney!), this is our preferred method of recording.


For those based outside Sydney, we'll use Zoom so that we can see you for our conversation. We will send you a Zoom link as soon as we have a date in the diary - please note this will be dated in the confirmation as the Sydney time.


We will start using clips of our Zoom videos in the near future on YouTube, so please wear something that you're happy to be seen in. There's always the possibility of internet delay and so we strongly recommend that you Zoom with us where you'll have the most stable connection.

in studio recordings

Tube Microphone in Studio

Our studio is based at:

Unit 10, 32 New South Head Road, Vaucluse, NSW

You don't need to bring anything with you but we will take photos/video so please wear what you feel smart in. We'll provide refreshments to keep you hydrated!

zoom recordings

Video Conference

- use either a dedicated USB microphone, Apple Airpods or the wired headphones/mic that you might use with you mobile phone. Without some sort of mic, the audio quality will be too poor and we won't be able to record

- Choose a quiet room that doesn't echo (clinical rooms and wooden or marble floors should be avoided)

- Have a ring light, lamp or natural daylight facing you for the best picture quality.

3. publishing the podcast

There will be a minimum of one week between our recording and often we record well in advance of the release date.  We will send you a copy of it before the publication so that you can hear it.

how is it edited?

Data Cloud

- the best podcasts are planned, have a good flow and any mistakes or mispoken sentences are flagged at the time and re-recorded. This is easy to do and we'll guide you!

- We'll then send the recording to our sound engineer who will master the audio quality, incorporate any further edits (i.e. remove any sections that aren't wanted) and add in our music, intro and outro. We may also have a sponsored message that we'll also use.

the legal bits

Copy of Copy of Copy of IA-1.png

We hugely respect our guests and your expertise - so it's important that we get your explicit consent to publish your podcast episode and any videos or photos that we capture on the day. (This is for Australian based guests-only)


Click the logo above to download our 'media release form'. We will not publish your podcast episode before you've had a chance to listen to your episode and have signed this form.

recording times

We currently record (Sydney time):


09:30 - 13:00


19:30 - 21:30

Regardless of your time zone, we can usually accommodate guests from any country during these time window. Please let us know if this doesn't work as we'll see what we can do.