sponsorship proposal

Finding new leads, generating new business and growing sales has always been challenging - but post-COVID is an especially unusual challenge. The traditional methods of finding new leads include face to face engagement at conferences, advertising in medical journals and one on one meetings in clinic.


Getting traction and establishing a rapport with new customers at conferences is invariably a rushed and impromptu process. Your opportunity to sell or showcase your brand is limited whilst also competing with rival companies for people’s attention.


Leads rates are often very low and your ROI for your company's presence, building a branded stand, your staffs travel and stay costs, customer entertainment and more are typically very poor. Our market research suggests that the average company typically spends $20-40,000 just on their stand at a major Australian conference. Nevertheless, in the fallout of COVID-19 this type of marketing opportunity has all but disappeared.


We see a sponsored podcast as a unique and far more authentic means of connecting with potential customers.

why sponsor IA?

Our episodes are 60-90 minutes long with leading  and engaging key opinion leaders of your companies choice. Our listeners are highly engaged and are already part of the niche that you want to target. Whilst the podcast is listened to in over 45 countries, our main listeners are located in:

Australia 53%

(NSW 51%, VIC 20%, QLD 17%, WA 6%, SA 4%)

USA 27%

(California 14%, Texas 10%, Ohio 10%, Illionis 10%, New York 4%)

UK 6%

New Zealand 3%

Canada 2%

One major advantage of podcasts over any other means of advertising is that new listeners continue to subscribe and new downloads occur long after the release of your sponsored podcast - and so your company’s message grows indefinitely.

the proposal

Our aim is to partner with a small number of high profile companies of our choice. Unless there are very compelling topics to discuss and diversity to the  sponsorship messages, we will limit this opportunity to three sponsored episodes per company per year.

We will produce a high quality podcast in our usual authentic manner. For maximum impact from a sponsorship perspective, we recommend that


we recommend that a leading sales person and a high-profile key opinion leader both join us in studio (Vaucluse, Sydney) for the recording. In person recordings are by far the most natural, free flowing recordings where we get the best connections with our guests. Ideally the KOL would be both an engaging speaking but also have a large social media account to leverage and further promote our partnership. 

Together with Skinceuticals, we will pre-plan the questions and flow of the discussion so that all of the material you want to highlight is covered. On the day we will create a free-flowing conversation around these topics so that it is as genuine and organic as possible. 

We will advertise the episode on our social media platforms and highly recommend that we coordinate a mini-campaign with Skinceuticals (designed by you if you wish) to maximise the impact of these posts. We would strongly recommend that you distribute these posts to your sales team and as many clinics that stock your brand, so that it has the biggest impact possible. We would also be happy doing some additional posts, videos or IG stories, etc if you wanted this to be used on your own channels to further promote our partnership

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