Thank you for helping Dr Jake & David with this survey. This will help us get to know you as a listener more and allow us to produce more relevant content that you love and enjoy.
How many episodes of IA have you listened to?
Where do you tend to listen to IA?
When do you usually listen to the podcast?
Did you listen to our mini-series 'The Beauty Of The World'? (Episodes 102, 107, 109, 113, 118)
Which of the following types of episodes are your favourite? (Maximum of four topics)
Which of the following types of episodes do you not enjoy? (Maximum of four topics)
Did you join us for any of our webinars last year?
Which of the webinars did you mosts enjoy? (Maximum of four webinars)
In the past we've informally got feedback from our listeners via DM's or Story polls on Instagram. But would it be better to have a dedicated Inside Aesthetics chat group where you can more easily submit questions for our guests, any topic ideas for us, to give your feedback on episodes, chat with our hosts, other listeners, etc?
What is your preferred means of communicating with us?
Our Friday podcasts are free and always will be. (We've produced 136 episodes to date and 8 webinars. We love giving things away!) But if you had to put a value on us, how much are four episodes of IA per month worth to you?
If the podcast was available as mini video clips on YouTube, would you watch these too?
Would you be interested in premium (paid for) content such as masterclass videos, injectable tutorials, etc in the future?

Thank you so much for being IA fans, Dr Jake & David