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Dr Jake & David Segal - Inside Aesthetics

The secret sauce of our podcasts - the guests

The key to the success of our podcast has been being very particular and head hunting great guests. 


Since 2019 our library of podcasts has been listened to over 1.7 million times. (Statistics from Libsyn, Apple Podcasts and Spotify, March 2024) Our largest listener groups are based in Australia (41%), USA (33%) and UK (10%). We then have listeners in over 100 other countries in much smaller numbers.  


Appearing on an episode of IA is a big deal and will give you HUGE exposure!

What guests do we want?

We choose our guests very carefully and behind the planning of every episode is the same core question - will our listeners be entertained and learn from this episode? Our applications are divided into:


Individual guest applications: These are non-marketing episodes and we do not seek sponsorship from these guests. (But in return for the exposure that we'll give you, we simply ask you to become an annual subscriber to our Patreon)

Sponsored episodes: These are typically done with brands looking to market a product and we have set fee per podcast (our prices will be emailed to you after we receive your application)

Individual guest applications

We will happily consider new guest applications who have interesting stories, insights or expertise that will make for a really intriguing discussion. We have a number of recurring mini-series episodes that might suit solo guests or experts including:

The Injector Diaries

These episodes feature in depth conversations, stories and experiences from injectors around the globe. Each injector brings their own unique take on things and we showcase every level of type of injector, from newbies to masters. We explore how and why they chose to inject, why they favour using certain products, look under the hoods of their clinics and aim to inspire our injector listeners.

The Business of Injecting

In these episodes we host injectors and clinic owners to discuss all aspects of the business side of their clinic. We analyse their financial struggles and challenges, difficult decisions, friction points, staffing, hiring, firing and other topics relevant for aesthetic business owners.

Disasters & Solutions

Here we look at some of the unusual, difficult or outright disasterous outcomes for patients caused by injectables. We speak to the injectors who managed the case and go through what happened, step by step. We’ll learn about what might have been done to prevent the problem and what injectors can do in their own practice to be safer practitioners.   

The Beauty of The World

This mini-series hosts globally-renowned key opinion leaders to discuss their own regions beauty standards, aesthetic trends and the injectable market in their part of the world. We try to better understand what people find attractive, what influences this and celebrate the similarities and amazing differences between our faces and skin tones. We have covered South Africa (and Africa), Sweden (& Europe), Singapore (& Asia), Brazil (& Latin America), India (and Sub-Continental Asia) and UAE (and The Middle East) so far. 

What's trending in aesthetics?  (NEW!)

In this new mini-series, we discuss topics that have been trending on social media or in the news. We'll cover controversies, news, big stories and themes that have got injectors and our industry talking. If you have an opinion and story that you want to discuss, let us know!

NB We politely ask that you don't apply if your goal is a PR exercise, to brand yourself, to get your name out there or to promote your clinic.

Sponsored episodes & other marketing opportunities:

If you represent a brand or a company, we will happily consider applications for sponsored podcasts or other marketing opportunities including our IA Webinars or IA Partnerships. 

Please choose this route if you are:

  • a PR company looking for opportunities for your client

  • a brand or company & want to promote a device or product

  • you would like to promote an event or similar

  • you want to sponsor an IA Webinar

  • you want to explore becoming an IA Partner (a corporate partner for promotions)

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