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We've teamed up with some global brands to help our listeners access various discounts. Explore these offers below and check regularly as new offers will be added every month!

Bacteriostatic water Logo

Bacteriostatic Water Australia

Bacteriostatic Water Australia are based in Brisbane, Australia. They are the main suppliers of bacteriostatic water and preserved saline in Australia and also ship overseas for $30 extra.

IA Offer:

Save 10% off all products! Use the code 'IA10' in the online cart when purchasing any Bacteriostatic Water products.


LTF Digital

LTF are an award winning UK & Australian-based digital marketing agency who specialise in supporting the digital needs of aesthetic clinics. They provide services including website design, SEO & digital optimisation, automation of services, app building and incorporating AI.

IA Offer:

Save 10% off any LTF services by quoting  the code 'IA10' when contacting LTF.

Inside Aesthetics x Clinical Imaging

Clinical Imaging

Clinical Imaging System is a customised photography workflow that enables excellence in pre and post image capture, storage and distribution. Clinical Imaging offers a custom-made photography system including the camera, flash, computer, software and training support.

IA Offer:

Contact Clinical Imaging by clicking the link below and quote the code 'IA10' in your consultation to get 10% off any of their packages.

Inside Aesthetics x Heidi Health logo

Heidi Health

Heidi takes perfect AI notes! Heidi's AI medical scribe writes notes that sound like you, freeing time for what matters. Spend more time with your patients while generating the notes you need with Heidi.

IA Offer:

First access a 7 day free trial to see if you like using Heidi. If so, then use the code 'IA10' when signing up to get a free month during your subscription period. 

AACDS logo


AACDS is a Registered Training Organisation established in 2004 to deliver nationally accredited qualifications in cosmetic nursing and dermal therapies. AACDS developed the first vocational qualifications in dermal therapies in 2004 and the first formal postgraduate qualification in cosmetic nursing in 2007. AACDS continues to be at the forefront of innovation in the field of aesthetics education and has developed the first nationally accredited qualification in cosmetic medicine in partnership with Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia.

IA Offer:

Save 10% off two of AACDS's professional certificates - click either link below and apply the code 'IA10' where checking out!

Gas Art logo


Sonya Polskyh is a digital artist who has been drawing unique and one of a kind pieces of injectors for the last 5+ years. She had to flee her home country of Russia in Feb 2022 and is currently living in very difficult conditions in Eastern Europe.


You can help Sonya by ordering one of her amazing pieces of art. IA makes no commission from these orders and all proceeds go to her. 

IA Offer:

Sonya can draw you for just $100 - just send her a message on IG and a photo!

Inside Aesthetics x Dr Moradi logo

Dr Pouria Moradi

Dr Pouria Moradi is a Sydney-based Plastic Surgeon who wrote the book 'Normal: A Plastic Surgeon's Letter To His Daughters About Body Image'. We hosted him on episode 232 to discuss its origins, it's relevance for injectors and the implications for injectors.

IA Offer:

Save 15% off the book by clicking the link below - the discount is already applied!

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