Welcome to the IA Community!


Our mission at IA is to create a platform for injectors around the world to learn and grow. In additon to or weekly podcast, we call our new project the' IA Community'.


The IA Community is an online space that aims to connect injectors with aesthetic businesses. We'll showcase as many educational opportunities for injectors as possible, from all over the world. In addition to educational tools, we'll also add more and more related services and opportunities including aesthetics suppliers, aesthetic journals, conferences & symposiums, financial services and more, all designed to help your injecting businesses thrive. 


The IA Community gives injectors access to all manner of opportunities that will help improve their technical skills as well as support their businesses. As time goes on, we'll add more partners in more countries to give our global injector community access to an incredible variety of tools.

The IA Community is divided into regions so that our partner offers are relevant to your location: