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Inside Aesthetics started as a passion project and our podcast has always been free. We’ve released new material every Friday for nearly 4 years and over time, the podcast has become the most popular aesthetics podcast in the world. IA has been listened to over 1,000,000 times in over 100 countries (as of January 29th 2023)

IA has now become more than a just an entertaining podcast - it's an essential educational channel for a huge number people in our industry. We showcase expert knowledge and go deep into injectable and business topics with information often not available anywhere else. Thousands of injectors, pharma reps, account managers, dermatologists, surgeons. dermal therapists, clinic owners and others are now listening to IA every week. In fact, we're now getting around 50,000 listens a month and counting.

But we're not finished. Our weekly podcasts don't allow for interaction, to expand on points raised or allow our listeners to communicate with us and be part of something bigger.  This is where IA Patreon comes in.

What is IA Patreon?

Patreon is a service that allows digital platforms (including podcasts like IA!) to offer extra content to their listeners. You subscribe via a membership model to access to a variety of bonus features.  Subscribers to Patreon are called 'Patrons' - so if you subscribe to IA Patreon, you'll be become an IA Patron. We now have over 175 IA Patrons and it's growing every week!

IA Patron tiers

We have five different IA Patron tiers:

IA Patron - Supporter tier logo



Recognition as an IA

Patron on our website

IA Bronze tier.png


IA Silver tier.png


IA Gold tier.png


IA Platinum tier.png


IA Webinars (x 8)

IA WhatsApp group:

Business chat

 IIA WhatsApp group:

Injectables chat

IA WhatsApp group:

General chat

IA Business Lives

IA Hints & Tips

IA Library

IA Injectable Lives

(starting May 15th)

IA Secret Sessions

IA Business Insights

IA WhatsApp group:

Regenerative Medicine

Shadowing with Dr Jake

(additional cost)

Business mentoring with David 

(free 30 minute Zoom session + additional costs if ongoing)

More about our content in IA Patreon

IA WhatsApp logo

Access to four WhatsApp groups: General, Injectables & Business. (Regenerative Medicine

IA Business Live logo

Periodic IA Business Lives - Zoom sessions for Business coaching led by David Segal

IA Injectables Live logo

Periodic IA Injectable Lives - Zoom sessions for injectable up-skilling led by Dr Jake

Eight IA Webinars - recorded with global experts during the 2020 lockdown

IA Hints & Tips.png

Hints, tips, golden nuggets, 

real life patient assessments & injections by Dr Jake

IA Library.png

Get access to our growing library of clinical papers and other injectable resources

IA Secret sessions logo

Listen to private discussions & conversations made only for IA Patrons

IA Business insights

Watch pre-recorded business 

mentoring sessions between David & our IA Patrons

Our amazing IA Patrons!

IA Supporter tier -  Cat Sullivan, Gavin Scriven, Steven Land, Estelle Kelly, Georgia Rappel, Camilla Phillips, Olivia Qian, Tanya Rose, Kylie Duncan, Anita East, Patricia Barrera, Mandy BazemoreDebbie Sweet

IA Bronze tier - Zainab Al-Mukhtar, Jacinta King, Maria Reid, Alexandra Bebb, Su-en Chow, Sunny Dhesi, Amanda Hernandez, Emma Kim, Lesley Scott, Raquel Campos, Josh Mills, Deb Harris, Marilia Pires, Deb Harris, Amber Louison-Suwal, Jess Morrissey, Lauren Joanna Jost, Rebecca Altomonte, Lisa Holloway

IA Silver tier - Julie Ann Rogers, Tanya Khan, Alexandra Davies, Jayde Petersen, Jo Canny, Sally McGuire, Nilly Tahiri, Nadia Zanco, Lori Hogan, Tom Posenby, Megan Ucich, Melanie Russell-Richards, Brittany Collins, Odharnaith Butler, Julia Ogilvie, Kellie Jackson, Hanh Nguyen-Vu, Julia Ogilvie, Kelly Beasy, Jessica Horne, Lizzie Barrett, Bek Neil, Yang Liu, Elizabeth Buchholz, Emma Fernandez, Sheila O'Reilly, Imaan Joshi, Melissa Rangitakatu, Katie Wallace, Hannah Galpin, Claire Waterworth, Jane Conchie, Ish Goonewardene, Nykola Voloscuk, Kasia Brennan, Andrew Clark, Amanda Taylor,  Susan Willis, Brenda Patten, Bridget Corby, Tori Colby, Elizabeth Lyvers, Shirley Wang

IA Gold tier - Lori Robertson, Marrisa Dennis, Karim Sayed, Mary Attard, Agnes Dube, Ester Hermann, Kristina Ngyuen, Ashia Ahmed, Leah Rosewarne, Charlotte Wolfenden, Iman Nurlin, Mona Al Shamsi, Kate Jameson, Dan Julien, Kerry Trewin, Jennifer O'Brien, Erin Woodford, Renee Leith, Jon Trail, Hanna Schumm, Ann Vlahadamis, Sally Kinsella, Angela Winters, Frances Turner Trail,  Sharna Hill, Kylie Melton, Esther Hermann, Sue Arber, Alise Sabbah, Veronica Corrotto, Minali Mornington, Mauricio Ceron, Lisa Cubitt, Jane O'Brien, Jen Justus, Alina Nasir, Skye Carter, Natalie Smith, Richelle Poswell, Lee Charlton, Odharnaith Butler, Lisa Mobley Mullis, Cassanda Oscini, Monica Bahamon, Karen Boone, Maria Jennings, Niki Talic, Jessica Halliday, April Cannon, Carly Heckendorf, Vanessa Walla, Clare Rainbow, Lauren Helmuth, Kellie Logue, Jane Hyde, Jennifer Liechty, Andrea Finn, Teah Blayden, Sonia G, James Williams, Jun Ding, Caroline, Ashley Barton, April Cannon, Julia Foster, Caroline Haggit, Samantha Shepherd, Alicia Lowther, Chelsea Vacca, Chrissy Aldridge, Andrea Ward, Maria Jennings, Olivia Feldtmann, Morgan HylaridesMatt Manton, Brooke Taunton, Rebecca Altomonte, Narsissa Corlan, Roisin McGee, Meghan Mackay, Mandi Edwards, Shanah Gavia, Hazel Salvador, Simone Doreian, Martina Lavery, Stephanie Burrows, Megan Pankey, Tej Murthy, Jamie Whan, Brooke Taunton, Peter Murphy, Beverley Henderson, Claire Hope

IA Platinum tier - Douglas Rutledge, Mel Heuvel, Kelly Opitz, Lisa Price, Alison Greentree, Diane Ayling, Ania Janik, Sarah Graham, Carrie Price, Vicki Gallagher, Mischell Christmas, Sarah Mawby, Randi Coray, Emma Beider, Vanessa Anlezark, Olga Gilman, Penny Commerford, Olga Gilman, Nadia Danes-Gharbaoui, Lauren Helmuth, Natasha Keeping, Paul Smith, Raquel Amado, Bonnie Hawthorne, Jasmine Salas, Ashleigh Hasson, Martina Lavery, Anusha Dahan, Emma Paterson, Ceirian Tanner, Mia Faint, Rhianna Affleck, Rachel Beauregard, Louise Gatenby

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