As a fan of Inside Aesthetics, you’ll know that we started this as a passion project and it has always been free. We’ve released new material every Friday for nearly 4 years and over time, the podcast has become the most popular aesthetics podcast in the world. IA has been downloaded or listened to over 900,000 times in over 100 countries (as of December 2022)

In that time, the feedback that we've got from our listeners is very clear. IA has become more than a just an entertaining podcast, it's an essential educational channel for many people in our industry. We showcase expert knowledge and go deep into injectable and business topics that are simply not available anywhere else. Thousands of injectors, pharma reps, account managers, dermatologists, surgeons. dermal therapists, clinic owners, educated consumers and others are now listening to IA every week. In fact, we're now getting around 46,000 listens a month and counting.

But no mater how loved or downloaded the podcast is, it is free and is funded entirely by Dr Jake & David themselves. They've invested a lot into building something that thousands of people in our industry now rely on and engage with every week. For the intregrity of the podcast and to remain as unbiased as we can, we've only occasionally done sponsored episodes to help keep us going whilst promoting what in our opinion are quality brands or products. So, how can IA survive and thrive?

Patreon & becoming an IA Patron

Patreon is a website that allows followers and fans of various digital platforms (like IA!) to show their support. It is completely voluntary and if you don't want to support us or get free extra cool stuff, feel free to click away now! 

Becoming an IA Patron (a supporter of IA on Patreon) is an easy way of showing us some love and helping IA stay viable - but at there same time you'll also benefit from additional support and  benefits  in return.

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