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Learning and growing as an injector doesn't end with our podcasts! We've opened a Patreon account and help support  injectors and business owners who want to take their education to the next level. 


If you've never heard of Patreon, it's a platform that allows creators like us to offer additional content to our listeners. Subscribers get access to a wide variety of extra content.


Patreon is accessed either by logging into their website or by downloading the Patreon app. We recommend using the app so you'll get notifications every time we upload new content!


Subscribers to Patreon are called 'Patrons'. We now have over 250 IA Patrons and it's growing every week.

What's included

What's included?

When you join our Patreon, you'll get access to all of our content including:

Copy of Copy of IA Business Hints & Tips.png

Weekly posts including patient assessment videos, injecting techniques as well as other tips

 IA Instagram tips logo-2.png

Weekly Instagram tips from

Dr Jake to help grow your followers

and supercharge your account

IA Anatomy logo.png

NEW! Watch lectures,

videos and other content to

help revise facial anatomy

IA Business Hints & Tips-3.png

Videos of David, IA Patrons

and other discussing their

successful business strategies

IA Lectures-5.png

NEW! Watch lectures from world congresses and deepen your knowledge of topics

IA Ultrasound logo.png

NEW! Learn the basics of

 ultrasound and how it can take

your injecting to the next level

IA Zooms.png

Periodic IA Zooms - live webinars sessions for upskilling in injectables & business

IA Library-3.png

Access to our growing library of

clinical papers, text books & resources

Copy of IA Business Hints & Tips-3.png

Watch recordings of business 

mentoring sessions between David & our IA Patrons

Copy of IA Digital Marketing 101-7.png

NEW! Learn from case studies

of complications, side effects and unexpected outcomes

IA Regenerative Aesthetics logo.png

NEW! Learn about this rapidly

evolving speciality that will sit alongside aesthetic medicine

IA Webinars.png

Eight IA Webinars - recorded with global experts during the 2020 lockdown

Get access to five main WhatsApp chats for help, advice, sharing & community

IA General & Social Chat.jpg
IA Injectables Chat.jpg


Product discussion



Patient suitability

 IA Business Chat.jpg


Financial queries

Insurance questions


Policies & Strategies

IA Skin & Devices Chat.png


Stem cells



Anti-aging strategies

IA Regenerative Aesthetics Chat.jpg



Aesthetic Dermatology


Body Sculpting

We also have three country specific WhatsApp chats for discussing specific and more local issues:

IA Australia & NZ WhatsApp logo.png
IA Australia & NZ WhatsApp logo.png
IA Australia & NZ WhatsApp logo.png

What does it cost?

$50 per month ($1.66 per day)

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