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Dr Jake & David Segal - Inside Aesthetics


We're always looking for new guests, different topics, novel ideas and modern techniques to showcase on the podcast. We have two options for new guests to apply:


Non-sponsored episodes:

Do you think that you would be a good guest on Inside Aesthetics? Do you have a fascinating story, unique offering or insight into aesthetics?

Or perhaps you represent someone who you want to nominate?


Non-sponsored episodes aren't an opportunity to discuss a particular brand - instead they will focus on your story, experience and personal insights. Please also choose this option if you want to be considered for 'The Injector Diaries' or 'The Business Of Injecting' episodes.


Sponsored episodes:

Alternatively, are you a company or brand and want to showcase your key opinion leader, product or device? These episodes are much more specific, pre-planned and we will create an episode to explicitly discuss your portfolio, your brands history, philosophy, technique and own way of doing things. This is a unique opportunity to market your product to our highly engaged and targeted audience with offers and a call to action, driving new customers to your sales team.


Choose an option below to apply online:

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