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Traditional methods of marketing and selling products to new customers include:

- Mass engagements at conferences

- advertising in magazines and journals

- one on one meetings with customers in clinic

- webinars or virtual meetings


Finding new leads, generating new business and selling products has always been challenging. But post-COVID it's become especially difficult and the Australian market has battled a new wave of lockdowns. 


Even when in-person events do start again, getting traction and establishing a genuine rapport with new customers has always been challenging. Your opportunity to sell or showcase your brand is usually limited to a brief chat and leads created this way are often poor quality for your budget spent. 


Our market research suggests that a typical aesthetic brand will spend between $25,000-80,000 simply to have a presence at a major Australian conference. Most of this spend has no return whatsoever. You'll need to pay for:

- the cost of renting your booth space

- the building of your temporary booth/stand 

- your staffs travel, accommodation and catering

- your customers catering & entertainment

- your printed materials

- any extra sponsored events within conferences (i.e breakfasts, workshops, etc)

- products used for demonstrations/give aways

- your speakers fees (National KOL fee approx $5000 for a day)

So why do a podcast?

There IS another way. A newer, modern, streamlined method of connecting with your  customers. Podcasts are a unique and far more authentic means of connecting with people .

Inside Aesthetics has established itself as a leading channel for the aesthetics industry. During an average month, we're downloaded 15,000 times in addition to being streamed on devices double that number again. Our listeners are highly filtered, ultra-engaged and you'll have 60-90 minutes of their undivided attention per episode. For brands wanting to showcase their products, Inside Aesthetics is the ideal platform to get your message across. 

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