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Dr Jake & David Segal - Inside Aesthetics


The key to our success has been hosting great guests for long-form conversations. Since 2019 our library of podcasts has been listened to over 1.7 million times. (Statistics from Libsyn, Apple Podcasts and Spotify, March 2024) Our largest listener groups are based in Australia (41%), USA (33%) and UK (10%). We then have listeners in over 100 other countries in smaller numbers, so appearing on an episode of IA is a big deal!


We aim to choose our guests carefully and always have our listeners learning in mind. If your goal is to simply brand yourself, to get your name out there, to promote your clinic, we won't proceed with these recordings and respectfully recommend that you don't apply.

But we will however happily consider new guests who have interesting stories, insights or expertise that will make for a really intriguing discussion!


We have two main routes of applying to be a guest on the podcast:

Apply here if you want to appear on a stand alone episode including our recurring mini-series:

  •  'The Injector Diaries'

  •  The Business of Injecting

  •  Disasters & Solutions

  • Current trends in aesthetic  (NEW!)

Or chose this option if you are:

  • a PR company looking for opportunities for your client

  • a brand or company & want to promote a device or product

  • wanting to promote an event or similar

  • you can also apply here if you want to sponsor an IA Webinar

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