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Introducing IA Marketplace where you can sell or buy second hand equipment, devices or similar.

We are currently piloting this in Australia-only and it is currently only available to our Patreon subscribers.

How does IA Marketplace work?

1) Complete the application form below - we'll review the information and get back to you if we need any more information.

2) If approved, we will send you a contract to read, sign and return to us. 

2) We'll then post an advert of the device/equipment in our new IA Marketplace WhatsApp chat so that it gets maximum exposure within the Patreon community 

3) Any potential buyers will email us ( and we'll ensure that any questions they have are passed onto you in a timely fashion. If they propose a lower price, we'll include this information too.

4) If the buyer wants to proceed, they transfer the amount in full to our IA account. Once we have received the funds, we will notify the seller and connect you to the buyer where you can arrange pick up. 

5) Once the  pick up is complete, we will transfer the funds to the sellers account minus a 5% commission.

(Australia-only locations)

What is the pick up location of the item?

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