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Please fill out the form below by letting us know as much about your company and what you can offer injectors in your region or country.


We will assess this information to ensure that it is suitable for our IA injectors. Please give us as much information as you can about what your company does (often you will offer numerous different services) and what you can best offer our IA Community injectors.


Depending on what your service is,  we will assign your company into one or more of four broad categories to help our IA Community find you. Geographic filters will be possible so that injectors will be able to look for services in their own country. We will also assign 'tags' to your company so that injectors using the search function of our IA Community will more likely be able to find a relevant service. Tags are commonly associated words associated with your business. So for example, for Allergan we would assign tags including: Allergan, anti-wrinkle product, fillers, Botox, Juvederm, Belkyra, injector training, Pharma, and so on.

We anticipated to soft launch the IA Community mid-2023 and will keep you informed about our time-line prior to going live. 


What does your company provide?
Upload your company logo

Thank you so much for registering. We will be in

contact prior to the launch of the IA Community.


Dr Jake & David

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