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We welcome injectors and other guests from all sorts of backgrounds. But to maintain the quality of the podcast we have a couple of rules for our potential guests:

  • Please don't apply simply to promote yourself for PR purposes! (Please also don't apply on behalf of injectors if you are a PR company). This type of material is not educational for our guests and we will not proceed with a recording if this is your goal.

  • To be considered, we request that you join our Patreon (Please join the 'Patreon tier' option on an annual subscription). In doing so, you'll become part of our thriving podcast injector community and will become immersed in everything that we do. You'll also get access to a wealth of education that we provide if this interests you.

Why do we ask you to join our Patreon? 

The vast majority of our episodes are non-sponsored meaning that we don't promote any products, brands or a business. We have therefore self-funded the podcast and all of our channels since 2019 to maintain the integrity of the podcast and to remain impartial. 

In joining our Patreon, you show your support for us and will also become a bigger part of our IA community. (And get access to our educational content and networking opportunities should this interest you!)

Ideas for non-sponsored podcast topics:

These episodes are ideal for individual guests with an interesting story, to talk about a view point, a trending controversy, anatomy or another non-commercial topic.


If you're a regular listener of our podcast, you'll know that these types of episodes also include but are not limited to:

  • The Injector Diaries

  • The Business of Injecting

  • Disasters & Solutions

  • The Beauty Of The World

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