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Introducing IA Business - business coaching & mentoring with David


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David's business experience

David's journey in the aesthetics industry spans over 15 years, marked by remarkable achievements and invaluable experiences. His entrepreneurial odyssey began in 2006 as the Managing Director as Cosmos Clinic. He and the team established what became the  gold standard model for liposuction and BBL treatments in Australia. 

Following his tenure at Cosmos, David assumed the role of General Manager at Laser Clinics Australia in ?2008. LCA have since become the world's largest chain clinic with over 200 clinics worldwide. He then transitioned from this role to become a franchisee in the business. He oversaw six clinics with a workforce exceeding 100 staff, including a team of over twenty doctor and nurse injectors.

In addition to his leadership in the non-surgical arena, David ventured into the realm of cosmetic surgery, where he co-owned and managed a practice for several years. Throughout his journey, David has encountered both successes and setbacks, each serving as invaluable lessons in his professional evolution.

Driven by a passion for continuous learning and growth, David is committed to sharing his wealth of knowledge and experiences with aesthetics professionals. His aim is to educate clients by drawing from his unique journey in the industry, offering insights gleaned from real-world challenges and triumphs.

As a testament to his expertise, David authored "Skin - The Essential Australian Guide," a comprehensive resource published by Fairfax Media in 2009. This authoritative guide was aimed at helping consumers understand cosmetic procedures at a time when the industry was still a mystery to the general public.

What type of help is offered?

IA Business consulting sessions offer a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to empower your aesthetics practice. Every business faces different challenges based on its size, offering, location, experience and needs. Some clients of David only need one session for advice, others have ongoing sessions to be mentored longer-term


Common themes that David helps clinics with include:

  • Strategic guidance

  • Operational optimisation

  • Financial literacy

  • HR solutions

  • Handling compliants & disputes

  • Understanding your data

  • Marketing insights and strategies

  • Exit strategies

​David leverages his extensive experience to provide invaluable insights and solutions. With a deep understanding of the challenges within the aesthetics industry, David will equip you with the tools and strategies needed to navigate complexities and achieve success.

What much does a session cost & how do I book?

Consultation Rates: $275 + GST (tax) per hour

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