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IA Webinars are periodic live Zoom sessions in partnership with expert guests and KOL's. Unlike our podcasts, our IA Webinars allow us to showcase products, devices and techniques in a visual format. Dr Jake and David host each webinar, introduce the guests and then you can enjoy a lecture-style talk before we take questions at the end. (You can submit your question via our IA Webinar WhatsApp group)

To access each live IA Webinar you must register in advance. New and upcoming IA Webinars are advertised on this page and we'll also promote them via our Instagram profile, Instagram broadcast channel and we will also email our entire IA database to give you notice. Depending on the topic, some IA Webinars are strictly for health care practitioners only and this will be made clear when you register.

IA Webinar 1

'Introducing Exomide'


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IA Webinar 2


'Injecting Energy'


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IA Webinars - Arthrex & PRP

IA Webinar 3

'Beauty From Within'


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IA Webinar - Botulinum toxin_edited.png

IA Webinar 4

'Letibotulinum Toxin'

Special Guest:

Professor Syed Haq

Digital Marketing for Aesthetics.jpeg

IA Webinar 5

'Digital Marketing for aesthetic clinics'


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