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The Tox Talks: Letibotulinum toxin
(for HCP's only)

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13th December 2023 

19:30 AEDT

In a follow up webinar to our previous podcast on this toxin, our guest Professor Syed Haq will cover:


  • How does letibotulinum toxin compare to other toxins?

  • Spread of letibotulinum toxin vs other toxins

  • What does this mean for injecting patterns?

  • Should I hyper-dilute in the frontalis?

  • How do I need to change my injecting pattern or style when using letibotulinum toxin?

  • Does needle gauge or size matter?

  • Intradermal vs intramuscular injections – how to inject letibotulinum toxin in the frontalis

IA Webinar - Botulinum toxin treatment

Meet our guest speaker

Professor Syed Haq_edited_edited.png

Professor Syed Haq

Professor Syed Haq, a Cosmetic Physician from London, UK. He divides his time between preventative medicine & aesthetics.


He has previously been an advisory board member for Ipsen, Allergan Aesthetics and is currently a Hugel Aesthetics global KOL.

Listen to our previous podcast with Professor Haq

 'The Tox Talks - Chapter 6'

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webinar at 09:00am on December 13th


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