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If you've never heard of Patreon, it's a third party app that allows creators like us to offer extra and on demand education.

We upload new content every week and you can explore this in your own time via the Patreon app or website.

What's included?

Dr Jake posts weekly content including:

  • injectable videos with his patients

  • communication/consultation hints & tips

  • patient case studies & treatment breakdowns

  • anatomy revision

  • insights into using ultrasound

  • complication insights & 'difficult' patient cases

  • links to external aesthetic lectures

David posts weekly content including:

  • business mentoring videos (with our Patreon subscribers)

  • interviews with other business entrepreneurs

  • clinic 'walk around' videos to help you improve your retail space

  • hints & tips with data & finances 

You'll also be able to network with & get advice from hundreds of other injectors worldwide in our eight differently-themed IA WhatsApp chat groups: 

  • Social

  • Injectables

  • Regenerative Aesthetics

  • Skin & Devices

  • Australia & New Zealand

  • UK & Ireland

  • USA & Canada 

    We also have WhatsApp groups for:

  • Submitting questions for our next podcast guest

  • Getting admin support for any Patreon-related queries

How to access our content in Patreon:

1) Download the Patreon app from your phones app stores

2) Open the app, click 'Find a creator' and type 'Inside Aesthetics'

3) Subscribe to our 'Patreon tier' for access to all of our content

Patreon download
Patreon Android download

What are 'tiers' and which one do I sign up to?

When you join our Patreon you'll need to choose a 'tier' - a tier is similar to level of membership:


If you enjoy listening to our podcasts, please sign up to our 'Supporter tier'. 

This acts as a donation to help us cover our costs & continue to create great content. 

(There is no access to our educational content on this tier)


Inside Aesthetics Podcast - Patreon tier

or $540/year (10% discount)

If you're an individual injector, please sign up to our 'Patreon tier'

Here you'll get access to all of our educational content and join all of our WhatsApp groups

Inside Aesthetics Patreon - Partner tier

$432/year (annual fee)

For groups of five or more injectors - enquire about our 'Partner tier' 


This tier is specially discounted and designed for:

 - companies who want to gift a subscription to their most loyal & valued customers

- large clinics where five or more injectors would like to subscribe


To take advantage of our Partner tier:

- email us the full name of each injector, their email and mobile number

- we'll send you an invoice for the group and once it's paid we'll sign them up!

Try our free 7 day trial before you commit

Get connected to hundreds of injectors

Get access to five main WhatsApp chat groups for help, advice, sharing & community



Product discussion



Patient suitability



Financial queries

Insurance questions


Policies & Strategies



Stem cells



Anti-aging strategies




Aesthetic Dermatology


Body Sculpting

Plus three region-specific chat groups for discussing more local issues:

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