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In 2020 during the first lockdown, Inside Aesthetics hosted eight live webinars 

with global experts. Watch these on demand when you become an IA Patron!

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Karim Sayed

'Injectable complications'

Dr Karim Sayed

We host Dr Karim Sayed from Oslo, Norway. Dr Sayed is a trainer & Key Opinion Leader for Allergan in the Nordic region. He is also an expert on the Allergan Complications Advisory Board and founded the Norwegian Association of Aesthetic Medicine.


In our 1st IA webinar, Dr Sayed covers injectable complications.


Raj Acquilla

'Light & Shadows'

Dr Raj Acquilla

We hosted multi-award winning Dr Raj Acquilla, who previously also joined us on the podcast in episode 37. Raj is a true pioneer in facial aesthetics. At the time of recording he was a global KOL for Allergan Aesthetics, had performed live in over 40 countries and is still one of the world's most sought after trainers.


In our 2nd webinar, Raj shares his 'Light & Shadows' presentation, a masterclass in facial aesthetic philosophy, assessment and treatment.

Dr Lee Walker and Dr Raul Cetto


'The principles of consultation, beauty and ageing'

Dr Lee Walker & Dr Raul Cetto

Both Dr Lee Walker & Dr Raul Cetto are based in the UK. They are international-trainers and Key Opinion Leaders for Teoxane with a wealth of experience.

Lee & Raul have also recently started their own YouTube channel called 'Talking Faces'. 


In our 3rd webinar, they walked us through how to consult with our injectable patients properly and to understand the key principles of beauty and ageing.


Woodrow Wilson

'The art of clinical photography'

Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson is a Melbourne-based commercial photographer and lecturer. He's been commissioned by international magazines such as Vogue, Condé Nast Traveller and also consultants to teach for the Allergan Medical Institute. He owns his own company 'Clinical Imaging', specialising in clinical photography solutions for plastic surgeons & cosmetic injectors.

In our 4th IA webinar, Woodrow gave us a masterclass in basic photography, the equipment needed & how to elevate our brand with stunning images.

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'The role of imaging in facial

aesthetics - a practical approach'

Dr Mobin Master

Mobin in a Melbourne-based radiologist in addition to being a facial aesthetic doctor. With his unique skill set, he began  investigating some of the issues related to fillers placed in the tissues of the face. For example, do fillers migrate? Do we really know what layer that we are treating with a needle or a cannula? And what happens in the emergency setting when we need to visualise and dissolve fillers quickly to avoid skin necrosis?

In our 5th webinar, Mobin shared his experience in this new and emerging speciality. He shared the cases that he's seen, how he treats emergencies and shows us what the future of facial aesthetics looks like.


Richard Crawford-Small & Rick O'Neill

'How to be the clinic

that survives COVID-19'

Richard Crawford-Small

& Rick O'Neill

Richard and Rick are both UK-based aesthetic business experts, specialising in clinic growth, improving sales, patient aquisition,  social media and digital marketing. Rick currently consults for Allergan, helping with their online campaigns.

In our 6th webinar, Richard and Rick gave us a masterclass in how to emerge from the most difficult time our businesses have ever faced. Will our patients come back? Will they still spend? What can we do as injectors and clinic owners to add value to our offering?


Dr Tapan Patel

‘How to become an elite injector’

Dr Tapan Patel

Dr Tapan Patel is a world-renowned cosmetic physician and founded PHI clinic on Harley Street, London in 2014.


In our 7th webinar we got an understanding of what it took to become a global  key opinion leader for Allergan. Tapan gave us a unique and candid insight into  his journey into aesthetics, his business successes, failures and the things that he wished he’d known earlier.


We learnt about how to prepare to talk and inject in front of thousands of people and gained hints and tips on how to become an elite level injector. 


Dr Phillipe Snozzi

‘Filler-related blindness - the strategies

& evidence for treating it’

Dr Phillipe Snozzi

Phillipe is a leading cosmetic doctor based in Switzerland and has a particular interest in filler complications. He is a co-author of some of the key  clinical papers related to this topic and is a member of the complications advisory panel for Allergan Aesthetics.

In this webinar Phillipe walked us through the topic of filler-related blindness and the current strategies to treat acute events. This is a rare but catastrophic event and all injectors should have a protocol for this scenario.

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