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Introducing IA Marketplace where you can advertise and sell or buy second-hand equipment, devices or similar.

We are currently piloting this in Australia-only and for now it is only available for our Patreon subscribers.

How does IA Marketplace work?

1) Complete the application form below - we'll review the information and get back to you if we need any more information.


Items most suitable for IA Marketplace are things that can't easily be sold yourself including lasers, body contouring equipment, radio-frequency platforms and other large devices that you would commonly find in an aesthetic clinic. But if you have something of interest that you think we should advertise please submit the form and we'll take a look!

2) If approved, we will send you a terms agreement to read, sign and return to us. 

The terms of IA Marketplace make it clear what IA's role is - we are essentially a match maker to help you find a buyer. We will help facilitate your payment by ensuring that you are paid as soon as you have sold the item. We do not organise shipping, insurance and nor will we get involved with the device or loan company. This is your responsibility as the seller of an item. 

3) Once we receive the signed contract we'll post an advert of the device/equipment in our new IA Marketplace WhatsApp chat.


In addition to doing a post in our Patreon. Including our non-subscriber/free Patreon members it will be advertised to up to 770 people (as of May 2024)

4) Any potential buyers will email us ( and we'll ensure that any questions they have are passed onto you within 48 hours.


If they propose a lower price or any other counter offer, we'll include this information too.

5) If the buyer wants to proceed, they transfer the full amount to our IA account.


Once we have received the funds, we will notify the seller and connect you to the buyer where you can arrange pick up, etc. 

6) Let us know when the  pick up is complete.


We will then transfer the funds to the sellers account minus our 5% commission.

(Australia-only locations)

What is the pick up location of the item?

Thank you! We'll get back to you within 48 hours

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